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Dad, mum, see you in court PDF Print E-mail
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Written by BMB   
Two siblings sued their mum for ‘bad mothering’, but the court dismissed their plea. We look at similar cases of kids dragging their parents to court for various reasons: some weird, some genuine

12-yr-old girl sues dad for cancelling school trip 
A Quebec father, who was taken to court by his 12-year-old daughter after he grounded her in June 2008, has lost his appeal. Quebec Superior Court rejected the Gatineau (a city western Quebec) in father’s appeal of a lower court ruling that said his punishment was too severe for the wrongs he said his daughter committed. In its ruling, the province’s court of appeal declared the girl was caught  up in a “very rare” set of circumstances, and her father didn’t have sufficient grounds to contest the court’s earlier decision.

The family’s legal wrangling started with a dispute over the girl’s internet use. Her punishment: she was banned from her Grade 6 graduation trip to Quebec City. That’s when the girl sought legal help.

Son drags mum to court for letting father beat him
A UK man alleged his 67-year-old mother breached her “duty of care” by failing to stop the beatings, up to 10 times a day, when he was a child. He said his father was “a bully and he instilled fear”, but his mother should’ve protected him by obtaining a court order against her husband or even divorcing him. Instead, the court was told in May 2010 she would tell her husband about her child’s misbehaviour, giving a reason to beat him. The man told the court he was beaten up to 10 times a day from the ages of five to 19 with a belt, cane, electrical lead or a wooden hairbrush. At 19, he left home, but the beatings ruined his life, he said.

Teen sues father after forced circumcision
An Eastern Cape student sued his father and traditional leaders in a landmark court case after he was abducted and violently circumcised in January 2008. In court papers filed at the Bhisho High Court Division of the Equality Court in South Africa, Bonani Yamani recounted how he became embroiled in a collision between individual rights and tradition. Yamani, from Masele township near King William’s Town, was pressured by his father, Lindile Yamani, to undergo ritual circumcision when he turned 18 in 2006. Yamani did not wish to undergo the rite, citing his Christian beliefs. After continued pressure, he agreed to have his foreskin removed, at the Frere Hospital in December 2006. However, three months later, his father and 10 other men abducted Yamani from his home at 4 am, tied him up, subjected him to further circumcision and forced him to eat skin cut from his penis.

Boy sues mum for hacking his facebook account
A 16-year-old Arkansas boy sued his mother for hacking into his Facebook account and posting slanderous remarks. A TV channel reported in April 2010 that Denise New of Arkadelphia was facing harassment charges from her 16-year-old. Her son, who lives with his grandmother, also requested a no-contact order. According to the boy, his mother hacked into his Facebook and email accounts, then changed both passwords. She also posted slanderous remarks and information about his personal life. New admitted to changing passwords, but denied hacking. She claimed he left his account logged in on her computer. New reportedly “hacked” her son’s Facebook account because she was disturbed with the things he was posting, including a post that suggested he had driven home one night at 95 mph because he had been upset with a girl.

kids file suit against runaway mum
Two young children in India filed a civil suit in February 2009 against their Canadian mother demanding that she love and care for them. “It’s the first case, not only in India but also in the world as well, where a court is being asked by children to direct a mother to take care of those children,” said Chandigarh lawyer Anuj Raura, who represented six-year-old Shifa and her younger brother Steve, five.
Raura said the children were abandoned in 2003 by their Indian mother, a Canadian citizen who returned to her family’s home in Edmonton, Alberta, “to enjoy the comforts and luxuries abroad”. The children, described by their lawyer as “smart young kids”, live with their father, a professional music teacher in Chandigarh. “Everything was going smooth till she left for Canada in 2003 after Steve was born. She was in touch over phone initially, but she stopped calling after some time. I don’t know why,” claimed Sam Samson, the kids’ father.

Dumped children take parents to court
A teenaged brother and sister in Howrah’s Uluberia won a maintenance suit against their parents who separated, remarried and dumped them. The father was ordered by the court in December 2009 to give them a monthly allowance of Rs 2,500 each and to bear the wedding expenses of the girl. Karishma, 15, and Javeduddin, a year younger, had the perfect world till their pre-teen years. Parents Kutubuddin and Jahanara had married in 1990 and it was a happy family. Karishma was a bright student and was sent to a boarding school, while Javed studied in a local school. Without warning, their world fell apart in April 2006. Kutubuddin and Jahanara walked out on each other. The kids were aged 11 and 12 then. Kutubuddin remarried. So did Jahanara. No one thought about the children.

Boy wins right to sue parents for separation
A juvenile court judge in Orlando ruled in July 1992 that an 11-year-old boy has the legal right to sue for separation from his parents. Judge Thomas S Kirk held that the boy, identified in court papers only as Gregory K, has standing to request that all legal ties to his parents be severed. He accuses them of abandonment and neglect. Despite being a minor, the boy has the same constitutional right to protect his fundamental interests as an adult, Judge Kirk ruled. Gregory had filed suit seeking “termination of the parent/child relationship” so that he could be adopted by the foster parents with whom he had been living for months.


Kids sue Charlie Sheen

Just in case there weren’t enough lawsuits flying around the beleaguered former star of ‘Two and a Half Men’, a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of Charlie Sheen’s five kids, accusing him of failing to stay employed.

The lawsuit, filed in March this year, claimed their dad had breached his fatherly duties, and damaged his ability to provide them the quality of life to which they’ve grown accustomed. The amount they’re suing for wasn’t disclosed, but it’s reported that each kid is requesting “enough money to eat Chipotle three meals a day, and to never have to do anything.”

Charlie’s oldest daughter, Cassandra, the spokesperson for the quintet of Sheen offspring, said her father has been in touch and has encouraged her to go through with the lawsuit, stating that, “Any win for his kids is a win for him.”

law in actor’s name
An exploited star of the Golden Age of Hollywood was responsible for a law concerning the accessibility of dependent back accounts. Jackie Coogan’s ‘Coogan Law’ was enforced after the child star (who played the ‘Kid’ in Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’ in 1921) sued his parents in 1938 for having taken the bulk of his salary during his child-acting days. He won $250,000 from the case and established a new precedent in the California legal system.


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