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Battle over child’s custody led to murder PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Nitesh Kumar Sharma   
JAIPUR: Pradeep Jain, who shocked the state by killing his four relatives including his wife and committed suicide in Tonk district on Sunday, was an educated but a short-tempered man, remember those who were close to him. "He was the only boy in seven siblings and had been very talented as far as education was concerned. At a very early age, he was posted as a shift incharge in Chambal Fertilizers situated in Gadepan town near Baran," said a lawyer who had provided him legal services at some point in his long fight with in-laws since 2006.

However, he was a bit reserved. "He used to keep to himself and won't speak if not spoken to. He used to flare up in a matter of seconds," said the lawyer. Soon after he married Suman from Devali in Tonk on March 2, 2006, the relationships turned sour. "Suman's parents took her back within six months of the marriage and had considered getting a divorce. Suman was pregnant at that time," said the lawyer.
Suman lodged an FIR against Pradeep alleging dowry harassment on October 7, 2007.

"Soon the two sides reached a compromise in which Pradeep paid about Rs 2 lakh cash and returned dowry items and other things. In the agreement, it was also stated that Suman would hand over the to-be-born child to Pradeep after four months of delivery whether it is a boy or a girl," he added.

But the rift widened between the two sides when the in-laws allegedly refused to give the boy's custody. The police said that Pradeep had even manhandled his in-laws over the issue and issued threats to them.

In 2009, Suman again filed a complaint of domestic violence and claimed maintenance. "After Suman filed these two cases in the court, Pradeep refused to give divorce to her which further soured their relations," he added.
In August last year, the court ordered the divorce in favour of Suman, but she did not agree to give custody of their son to Pradeep. Police said that the four-year-old son, Kannu, had gone to temple along with his maternal grandmother when the incident occurred.

"The child is still in a state of shock and is trying to make out what had happened," said a police officer. He told a crowd of 2,000 people who had gathered in front of the house where he shot himself that he had been harassed by his in-laws. He said that they had made his life hell by slapping false criminal cases against him. He also alleged that they were not letting him meet his son," said the officer.

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