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DNA test clears man charged with fathering child out of wedlock PDF Print E-mail
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Written by S Shyam Prasad   

ADNA paternity test has cleared the name of a man, who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by a lower court for cheating a woman, raping her and fathering a child out of wedlock.

On Wednesday, the High Court held that G S Venkatesh, an assistant director of land records in the state government, was not the father of the complainant’s child as per the DNA test result and set aside the lower court’s order.


According to a complaint filed in August 2001 by Priyamani, the daughter of the landlord in whose house Venkatesh was staying as a paying guest in Mandya, Venkatesh became very close to the landlords family and subsequently had a relationship with her. Their affair was disrupted when Priyamani’s marriage was fixed with Ramesh, an advocate. But the engagement broke and Priyamani and Venkatesh continued their relationship.

Meanwhile, Priyamani moved to Bangalore and took up a job. Twice in a month, Priyamani would travel from Bangalore and stay with Venkatesh overnight at a hotel in Maddur. Priyamani subsequently became pregnant.

Priyamani alleged in her complaint that Venkatesh had promised to marry her, but refused later. She filed a complaint of breach of trust, sexual assault and cheating against him. In 2001, Priyamani gave birth to a child.


A fast track trial court in Mandya ordered a DNA test to ascertain if Venkatesh was the father of the child. The test result showed that Venkatesh was not the father. However, the trial court suspected the bona fides of the DNA test and convicted Venkatesh in 2003 to 10 years imprisonment for cheating and rape.

Venkatesh challenged the lower court’s order in the High Court. When the case came up before Justice A S Pachhapure on Wednesday, the judge accepted the results of the DNA test and set aside the lower courts conviction of Venkatesh.

Names of the parties have been

changed to protect identity


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