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Getting down on all fours and imitating a rhinoceros stops babies from crying. (Put an empty cigarette pack on your nose for a horn and make loud "snort" noises.) I don't know why parents don't do this more often. Usually it makes the kid laugh. Sometimes it sends him into shock. Either way it quiets him down. If you're a parent, acting like a rhino has another advantage. Keep it up until the kid is a teenager and he definitely won't have his friends hanging around your house all the time. ~P.J. O'Rourke


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Childhood Lost PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Will Magazine   

CRISP is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by a group of citizens, who recognize the
serious effects of “parental alienation” on children due to single parent families on account of divorce
or separation. CRISP also focuses on furthering the rights of a child to remain connected with both
parents. While most NGOs pertaining to children deal with issues related to child labor, education etc
CRISP deals with issues related to unquestionable right of children to be cared for by both biological

Their aims and objectives are based on research findings worldwide which indicate that children do best when both parents are actively involved in their lives, even after separation or divorce. CRISP believes
that conflict between parents will get reduced and the mental and emotional health of children will improve,
when divorcing parents can be assured of equal and meaningful contact with their children with mutual cooperation. According to CRISP, Parents contemplating divorce should be given mandatory counseling
on “shared parenting” and the benefits thereof by a panel of experts supervised by the family court. This will eliminate unnecessary child custody battles and stress to the parents and the child and also wasting of precious time of the courts. Parental alienation occurs, when one parent disallows the other parent from communicating with their children for personal vendetta. The dominant parent then brainwashes the child
against the other parent, assuring the child that it is all right to ignore the other parent.” This brings a lot mental distress and trauma to the child and the alienated parent. Indian legal system is still based on patriarchal mindset, which considers fathers as not capable of nurturing the children. However, today
many fathers are competent of taking care of the needs of the children for normal upbringing. When women can multitask by going to work after domestic chores and also take care of children, it is baseless to say that men fathers are not capable of taking care of children. With rise in number of working parents in nuclear family setup, father’s involvement in raising the children is a must. Otherwise, the child is simply left at the mercy of servants and strangers in day care centers and exposed to all sorts of child abuse. The mindsets in Indian legal system have to change by taking account of the current social situation. Shared parenting is recognized in many western countries. CRISP demands an Early Intervention Project where divorcing
parents would have to meet with a panel of experts to clarify issues such as custody, finance, education and children’s upbringing before proceeding with the divorce decree. To make matters worse, many parents often influence their children to choose one parent over the other and this is often traumatic for the child and this cruelty on the children has to be stopped immediately.


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