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How to Report Denied Parenting Time in a Child Custody Case PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Braniac   

This is a supplemental article to "How to Keep and Submit Indisputable Documentation in Your Child Custody or Divorce Case for The Non Custodial Parent", Link at the bottom of the article in the "additional resources" section.

There comes a time in every child custody case where the custodial parent, for whatever reason, decides not to allow the non custodial parent to have their time with the child. This experience is often infuriates the parties, more so with the non custodial parent that has been denied time, but can be more damaging to the child should the parents argue with the child present.

This tutorial helps non custodial parents deal with the WRONGFUL denial of parenting time, reporting it to Friend of the Court (or whichever agency deals with child support and custody in your state) and the Court. Although only wrongful denials are enforceable by the court, EVERY denial should be documented and submitted for inclusion in the custody file as evidence of loss of parenting time, and secondly, also as evidence as the unwillingness of the custodial parent to facilitate a close bond between the child and other parent.

As you write the necessary documentation, I must stress that this is not a tool for vindication, nor revenge, and is never to be used as such, but as a voice for BOTH you and your children, objective and just as a statement of fact and loss.


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