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Couple slapped with dowry case after son’s death PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Hemanth Kashyap   

Their daughter-in-law had been living in her mother’s home due to differences with her late husband

An old couple was slapped with a dowry harassment case by their daughter-in-law eight days after their son died.

According to the boy’s mother, the young couple married in September 2003 despite opposition from parents. Their daughter was born in May 2005.

“After some time, differences cropped up between the two. By July 2006, the couple were on the verge of a divorce.

“Around that time, the girl’s father died in an accident and she reconciled with my son,” she said. “But problems cropped up again. Meanwhile, my son, a techie, was sent to the US twice by his company.

“When he returned to Bangalore the second time, he complained of some problem, which was diagnosed as a brain tumor. While he was recovering, the girl went to her mother’s house leaving the child with us.”

After a few days, she complained to the Madivala police that she was not being allowed to see her daughter. The child was sent to her mother's home.

In May 2010, the techie’s health deteriorated and he was reunited with his daughter. He died two days later.

Then, the Madivala police informed the couple about being named in a dowry harassment case. The techie’s mother said, “We secured bail to complete my son's final rites. In between, my daughter-in-law again took the child away.”

The daughter-in-law said, “They had forcefully taken money and gold at the time of my marriage. They used to harass me.”

The old couple have approached an NGO named Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) and the state human rights organisation.


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