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Save me from my wife and in-laws, techie sent SOS to President and PM PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Hemanth Kashyap   

He even sent letters to the police top brass and all 104 police stations in the city. But to no avail. He was arrested and spent four days in central jail


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, when Naveen Kumar, a techie working with a software giant in Bangalore, came to know that his wife, Manasa (name changed), would be filing a dowry harassment case against him, he invoked the help of almost every influential person he could think of.


Copy of the telegram Naveen Kumar sent to the PM.

He dispatched 25 telegrams. The addressees included the president, the prime minister, the chief justice of India, the chief justice of the High Court of Karnataka and the state chief secretary. His plea was: Please see to it that I am not arrested without proper investigation.

Kumar even sent letters to the police top brass and all 104 police stations in the city limits. But nothing came of it. Following his wife’s complaint, Kumar was arrested and spent four days in central jail.

A miffed Kumar told Bangalore Mirror, “I requested all of them to ensure that the cops investigate the allegations (made by my wife and in-laws) before acting on them. But no one paid heed.”

Kumar and Manasa separated just a week after their marriage in October 2009. They were relatives, and it was an arranged marriage. Before they tied the knot, the two got along very well together, said Kumar. But everything went awry after the wedding, and Manasa left home within a week.

Kumar said that initially he had pleaded with Manasa, trying to make her come back. But his wife was adamant. She came back just once to take away her ornaments. Later, Kumar came to know that she and his in-laws were planning to file a dowry harassment case against him.

In between, there had been some intimidating calls from his in-laws, Kumar alleged. He feared the worst as some of his wife’s kin “have criminal records”.

Kumar was aware of an order which said that in a dowry harassment case (498 A), the police should investigate the charges made by the wife before arresting the husband and the other accused. So, to safeguard himself and his family, Kumar prepared a note. It said, “My life and liberty are under  threat from my wife’s parents. Some of my wife’s relatives have criminal records against their names. I have not done anything wrong to my wife. Nor have I ever harassed her for dowry. It is a false complaint. Kindly do the needful to prevent any harm to me and my family. I am also mentioning the FIR numbers of the cases filed against my wife’s relatives.”

In her complaint, Manasa said that Kumar and his parents had asked for dowry. Her parents had spent Rs 16 lakh for their marriage, inclusive of dowry. But Kumar kept harassing her for money even after marriage and was paid Rs 4 lakh more in cash. Moreover, Kumar and his parents took away all her gold ornaments.

Kumar vehemently denied all this. “I used to love her a lot… I still love her. I repeatedly pleaded with her to come back. I will not do anything to harm her. But at the same time, I have to safeguard myself and my family. That’s why I sent all those telegrams and letters. I expected them to help me, but no one did, and I had to bear the humiliation of arrest.”

The police, however, pooh-poohed Kumar’s claim of being a victim. Anju Mala Naik, an inspector at the Ulsoor Gate women’s police station, said, “I have documents which say that Kumar used to harass his wife. The complainant told us that the harassment was not just mental, it was physical too. Before  arresting Kumar, I looked into the complaint and spoke to his wife personally. They stayed together for just one week, but even in that short while , he harassed her a lot. He was arrested in total accordance with the law.”

Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) president Kumar Jahgirdar, who is handling Kumar’s case, said that the police had erred in arresting his client without proper investigations. “Highly-educated men like Kumar, who are into dignified professions, cannot cope with life after coming out of a jail. They dread the social stigma. This sort of crime against innocent men must be stopped. It is against human rights. We, who are fighting for men’s rights, get a minimum of 20 such cases every month.”

Misuse of RIT

The police too have filed a case against Naveen Kumar, alleging that he had misused RTI documents. Kumar circulated copies of these documents to all police stations in the city, his relatives and in-laws. He used them to back his claim that his wife’s relatives had criminal antecedents. It was because of this case filed by the cops that Kumar had to spend more than one day in the jail.


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