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Finding space is quite a labour in Family court Bangalore PDF Print E-mail
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Written by S Shyam Prasad - Bangalore Mirror   

Finding space is quite a labour


Since the entire city had only four family courts catering to its populace, two new judges were appointed recently to meet the demand. One of them, judge H Y Vasanth Kumar, took charge on Nov 3. But this has come at the cost of a labour court.

The four family courts along with three labour courts and one industrial tribunal were functioning out of the Nyaya Degula court complex on Siddaiah Road. But one of the labour court judges was shifted as a civil court judge and the court hall he vacated has now become a family court. One more newly appointed family court judge is waiting for a spare court hall.


“Four labour courts were sanctioned, but only three were functioning. Two industrial tribunals were sanctioned but only one is functioning. All this thanks to lack of basic infrastructure. But the most severely hit were the family courts, as the existing four judges were heavily burdened. Work is on in full swing to accommodate one more family court judge who has been newly-appointed,” said an official at Nyaya Degula.

“This year alone, 8,000 new cases have been filed in the family courts. The lack of judges is felt every day. The morning sessions are particularly hectic and the courts and the corridors are unbearably crowded,” said advocate Venkatesh B Dyagi.
One of the new family courts that has started functioning has to manage with inadequate infrastructure. “We have to make do with what we have. There is a lack of space for everything. Advocates do not have rooms to themselves. There is no library. We do not have enough staff. The approval has to come from the government. Deputed staffers are working at present,” said a court official.

Sources say the PWD has reported that an additional floor cannot be built on the existing three-floor structure. The building on Siddaiah Road off K H Road was originally built as a commercial complex by the BBMP in 2000 and abandoned midway. The unused structure was taken over by the PWD in 2007. That’s when the then chief justice Cyriac Joseph sought space for new courts. Three years have elapsed and the complex is now saturated. Even the sanctioned strength of family, labour and industrial courts cannot function comfortably from these premises. The ground floor of the building houses the mediation centre and the first floor is occupied by the permanent Lok Adalat.

On Saturday, chief justice J S Khehar paid a surprise visit to the Nyaya Degula. He also visited the Mayo Hall court complex which houses the City Civil and Sessions Court. At the Nyaya Degula, he was told about the lack of infrastructure. Sources say he promised a library. But the lack of space means the library will have to wait.

“The addition of two more family court judges will go a long way in helping litigants who have been waiting for years for their cases to end. All concerned will welcome the CJ’s appointment with gratitude,” said Kumar V Jahgirdar of Childrens Rights Initiative For Shared Parenting (CRISP).



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