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Man in custody battle lands in contempt case PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Times News Network   

Ahmedabad : If you suggest judicial authorities are likely to be influenced by anybody, you're courting disaster. Sujit Munshi of Vadodara is facing the music for doing just this. Gujarat High Court has initiated contempt proceedings against him.

HC is hearing a case on custody issues related to his daughter. Munshi, now remarried, has alleged that his second wife's father, an IAS officer of Gujarat cadre, is influencing the custody proceedings.

When Munshi and his first wife Shilpa Shinde got divorced, as per the decree their eight-year-old daughter Akshada would stay with her father for five days and spend weekends with her mother.

But, when Shilpa went to Tanzania on a visit, Munshi admitted their daughter to a boarding school near Bharuch. When she returned, the school forbade her from meeting Akshada.

She moved HC claiming that admitting the girl in boarding school was a breach of the decree. Shilpa also urged the court to direct the school to allow her to meet her daughter.

This was permitted, but she was not content with the duration of the meeting. The court asked the school to arrange another meeting.

Meanwhile, Shilpa wrote a letter to the court. In February, Justice CK Buch warned the parties not to do this. Despite this, Munshi also wrote to the court on February 12 and complained against his father-in-law. Munshi didn't even intimate his lawyer Shalin Mehta about the letter and the latter withdrew from the case.

Justice Buch observed that the letters were an attempt to hamper proceedings and all accusations were indirect allegations at the court.

The court also noted that Munshi shifted the child to boarding school to prevent her from meeting her mother. Justice Buch observed that the court could ask Munshi to shift Akshada to Vadodara which would make it easier for mother and daughter to meet.

Contempt proceedings against Munshi have been initiated in a division bench of Justices RP Dholakia and HB Antani. Munshi is permitted to defend himself. Further hearing on Shilpa's application is scheduled for April 24.


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