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I want my father, Aussie-born child tells HC PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Mayura Janwalkar, DNA   

Mumbai: The bitter custody battle had made it necessary for the three-and-half-year-old Ayan (name changed) to pick either his Indian father or Australian mother. The boy told the Bombay High Court judges on Friday that he wished to stay with his father.

Ayan was privately interviewed by Justice Bilal Nazki and Justice AR Joshi on Friday evening. "The child said that he wanted to stay with his father," said Mukesh Vashi, advocate of Faizal Javed (name changed), 26, Ayan's father.

The court asked Javed to have a meeting with his former Australian wife, Clara Gannon, 25, and arrive at a settlement regarding Ayan's custody and inform the court about it on March 23.

Clara and her mother Glenda, 50, had moved Bombay HC, seeking Ayan's custody. As per their allegation, Javed had flouted an Australian court order, which had granted Ayan's custody to Clara, and abducted the child and brought him to Mumbai in September.

Javed refuted Clara's allegations. He said that he had brought Ayan to Mumbai, seeking the Australian court's permission and filed a custody petition in the Bandra family court. He told the court that it would be the best for the child to live with his father in Mumbai, as his mother was not in a position to take care of him.

When Ayan was being interviewed by the judges, Clara and her mother waited outside the chamber. The parents were called into the chamber and after some time, Clara stepped out wiping tears. Ayan was rushed out of the court premises to avoid the media glare.
Vashi said that they had insisted on Ayan's custody and said that his mother was free to visit him. Javed's father said, "We will bear their travel expenses from Australia to India, once or twice every year. They can be our guests."

"Ayan was interviewed alone in the chamber. He was not at all nervous," a relative of Javed told DNA. "The judges also said that he was a sweet boy. He came out of the chamber with a chocolate in his hand."



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