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Include child rights in party manifestos PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Sanchita Sen   

DC, Bengaluru: Few politicians will cite child rights as one of their key campaign issues. Child rights activists in the city now want issues relating to the protection of children’s rights to feature in politicians’ manifestos ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Though children form about 40 per cent of the country’s population, their rights do not feature in political manifestos and, with the elections around the corner, child rights activists feel that this is the right time to ask politicians to look into the matter. “So far, only issues related to education found prominence in manifestos, but other serious issues like child abuse and trafficking find no place in the agenda of politicians,” said Nagasimha G. Rao, convenor, Campaign Against Child Labour in Karnataka (CACLK), a network which has over 30 NGOs attached to it.

“These issues will get the attention of politicians and common people only when they are on political manifestos. We can follow it up when candidates come to power and ask them to implement their promises,” he added.

The activists want to make politicians accountable if child rights are violated on a large scale. “We want to draw politicians’ attention towards this neglected issue by making them understand its importance,” said Uday Kumar, director, Sri Vivekananda Kendra, an NGO dealing with children’s issues.

Politicians always neglect child rights, as children are never the target audience when it comes to politicians.

“They do not form a part of vote bank and hence their issues are not in the priority list of leaders,” Mr Kumar added.

The activists have organised a meeting to push for their demand. “We have analysed manifestos of previous years. We will come up with some recommendations for better representation of child rights issues,” said Vasudev Sharma, chairperson, Child Welfare Committee. They will also meet candidates and speak to them about the issue.


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