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Kids suffer separation anxiety PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Deccan Chronicle   

Children involved in such parental abduction cases may suffer psychological problems including parental alienation syndrome and others, say psychiatrists. Dr K. A. Ashok Pai, psychiatrist, says, "These children will suffer from separation anxiety and deprivational syndrome, for want of adequate identification with parental figures. This results in inconsistency in behavior, incongruity of emotions, insecurity in attitudes and ambivalence in approach," he says.

He adds that the child becomes vulnerable to neurotic breakdowns, ranging from anxiety neurosis, hysteria, phobias, obsession and compulsions in their early teens and psychosomatic disorders in adulthood.

Persistence sustained deprivation, would likely lead the child into a state of de-personalisation and de-individualisation, Dr Pai adds.

On parents who are deprived from seeing their child, Dr Pai explains, "Here depending upon their own pre-morbid personalities (previous history), mental make up, psychological defence mechanisms and the attitudes of the parents, the problem these parents have may range from one of alienation and neglect, to highly strung, neurotic, hypochondriacal symptoms and reactive depressive patterns, Dr Pai says. Dr Vikram Prabhu contends that the attachment of father towards his child is as deep as the mothers. So any parent should not be separated from the child unless there is a valid reason.

They may feel separated and uninvolved, which would lead to depression and stress, which would lead them to suicide, he warns.


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