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Mother kidnaps son despite court orders PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Mayank   

Dr Ravichandran has requested Indian media to support him in saving his child from the unfortunate condition of not having access to the father and not being sent to school. He claims to substantiate his case with original court orders.

ADITYA CHANDRAN (6) was violently kidnapped from his home in USA on June 2007, by Vijayasree Voora (39) against US court orders.

Vijayasree was directed by New York court to undergo psychiatric treatment, as the court appointed psychologist had declared her to be severely mentally ill.

In the last year and a half (18 Months), Aditya never went to any school and has been suffering emotional, physical and social abuse by Vijayasree , claims Dr Ravichandran, Aditya’s father.

Dr Ravichandran, a world renowned scientist, says that he has been deprived of care and custody of his son, Aditya aged about six years, for more than 500 days. The father says that he doesn’t even know his son’s whereabouts is distressed due to the uncertainty of the well being of his loving child. Here it becomes a duty of out society to help him.

Brief history of the case as expressed by Dr Ravichandran and as presented by sections of the media:

  1. Vijayasree Voora had meticulously planned for illegal kidnapping of Aditya.
  2. She moved Aditya from place to place to avoid tracing. Past 18 months, she has been living in hotels, which she changes often.
  3. She did not admit him to any school for a period of more than 18 months preventing him having social contacts, schooling or any stability in his life.
  4. She deprived Aditya of love and affection from his father and also from all members of family from either side.
  5. Aditya may be treated to mediocre schooling or no schooling, despicable apartment life, nomadic existence and being moved all over India with his mother.
  6. Vijayasree Voora, with her reckless behaviour due to severe mental illness is endangering the welfare of a child, with contempt of court orders, continues to abuse Aditya by holding him hostage.

Various court orders:

  1. On September 14, 2007, father was given sole legal and physical custody of Aditya Chandran by the New York court.
  2. On November 15, 2007, the Madras High Court dismissed Vijayasree Voora’s petition for sole legal and physical custody of Aditya.
  3. A federal arrest warrant charging Vijayasree with international kidnapping is pending from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Order to Chennai police to secure Vijayasree was issued by Madras High Court on December 20, 2007.
  4. Non-bailable criminal child abuse arrest warrant for Vijayasree was issued by the New York Supreme Court on January 7, 2008.
  5. The US Department of Homeland Security updated its computers on February 7, 2008, to arrest Vijayasree upon reentry to USA. Special order by the Supreme Court of India to Chandigarh and UP Police to rescue Aditya from abuse was issued on April 28, 2008. Till date, Vijayasree continues her fugitive lifestyle unabated and undisturbed by any and all court decrees from multiple jurisdictions of the world.

An appeal by the father and CRISP:

Dr Ravichandran has requested the Indian media to support the cause in saving his child from the unfortunate condition of not having access to his father and not being sent to school. He claims to substantiate his case with original court orders.

CRISP or Child Right’s Initiative For Shared Parenting has made appeals to the media to circulate the news throughout the country in order to rescue Aditya and restore normalcy in his life and to facilitate Vijayasree Voora to contact them for a peaceful settlement in the best interest of the child.


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