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Lost NRI kid & mom found and ‘lost’ again PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bangalore Mirror   

The child custody fight between a New York-based divorced NRI couple has taken a new twist with the woman accusing her ex-husband of abusing the boy

Vijayashree Voora, an NRI who is accused of kidnapping her own son, claimed on Tuesday that her ex-husband had abused the boy for a long time. This had compelled her to keep her son with her even as a US court had given custody of the child to the father.

After making this allegation to the Rajajinagar police, Voora left the city in the evening without informing anyone. She was staying in KES Residency located in 3rd Block, Rajajinagar. Aditya's father Dr Ravichandran, who rushed to the city after learning of his ex-wife's presence, was annoyed that the police did not detain her till he came. "I will file a habeas corpus in the High Court in this regard", he said.

Earlier, Voora was identified by a reader of Bangalore Mirror who was staying in the same hotel. He called the Children Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) control room

n u m b e r that was published in a report in this paper titled 'NRI searching for 'kidnapped' son' on Feb 17, in which the father had appealed to the public to help him locate his son.

The police were informed and managed to detain the mother and son. But Voora told them her ex-husband had abused the boy since he was four years old and claimed to have a doctor's report in this regard. "I am only trying to save my child from the clutches of Ravichandran who wants to exploit the child," she told media persons.


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