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After a Divorce, Shared Parenting is Wanted PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Saamna, Mumbai   

A Powerful demand from Men's Organisations (Get PDF)

The men's organisation have tightened the belts in order to bring in and implement the "Shared Parenting" system in India which has already been successful in Western countries.

They have appealed to Women and Child Department (WCD) to obtain its help is remeding the situations where Even though the father may be of sound Financial and Mental health, in many divorce roceedings, the Indian rule of awarding custody of children to their father is being ignored and is showing lethargic attitude.

In Divorce Proceedings, while father and mother fight with each other, children are routinely ignored. Child knows that father and mother both love him or her equally, but court proceedings are so antagonistic against each other that both parents tend to overlook the needs of the child.

"In Indian Family Laws, During Separation, Mother is considered more important" says L. Gokul, a member from voluntary organisation called "Children Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting". Because of this only, even after a father is proved innocent, he only gets rights of visitation.

If for some reason, a fatheer is not able to meet his children, the opposite party pollutes the mind of the child and changes outlook of the children towards their father. Because of this, the children are constantly trying to evaluate whether their father loves for them.

Besides this, problems faced by such father is not heard or considered properly.

Hence for those kids, whose parents are living in same city, let one of them take him from monday to friday and let another parent take him on saturday and sunday. In this manner, the child will not feel deprived from the father as well as the mother.

Options for such a Shared Parenting Arragements must be considered.

A plea is made to Women and Child Department (WCD) to make Justice system of India to consider that during durations of holidays, guardians must spend equal portions of time with children And Instead of the current law where children less than five years of age live with mother, the child must be allowed to spend some with the father.

For further information on this, Kumar Jahagirdar from CRISP told Saamna that Women and Child Department has assured him that Shared Parenting Options is being considered.

It has been proven time and again that the children who only live with one of their natural parent as a result of divorce grow up to face many mental and social problems which affects their personality.

For this reason, "Shared Parenting" system currently being practised in western countries must be implemented for benefit of children from divorced parents must be able to obtain love from both parents.


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