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Pathetic Condition of City’s Family Courts PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Kannada Prabha   

(Translated from Kannada) TWO JUDGES TO DECIDE OVER 12000 CASES

Bangalore: Only two judges to decide about 12000 cases. This is the situation at the Bangalore's family court.

There are 4 family courts, but only 2 courts are working. Other two courts do not have judges for the past 1 year and 6 months respectively. Litigants are only waiting for their turn for disposal of the case.

Most cases in family courts are for either divorce or for maintenance. Few are for the custody of the childrens. The delay in judgement of these cases results in irreparable lossess. There is no use in getting justice when the youthful age has elapsed. Hence the family cases needs to be resolved at the earliest.

However these cases do not get resolved easily. Court proceedings takes lot of time. Hence 2 judges are unable to resolve pending 12000 cases.

One more important fact is that of custody of the children. In vast majority of the cases, child will be with the mother. Till the case is decided the father will not have an opportunity to see the child and the wife has to struggle to get the maintenance for the child.

To decide over 12000 pending cases of Bangalore, at least 8 family courts are required. One exclusive court is required for custody related cases alone. However there are only 4 family courts and out of that only 2 courts are functioning.

Litigants are angry :: There is no judge at 3rd additional family court for the past over 1 years and no judge at 2nd additional family court for the past over 6 months. Hence several thousands of cases are pending . For the past few years litigants are only visiting the courts but no justice is available, says angry litigants.

Shyam of Bangalore (name changed) whose wife has left over money related issue 2 ½ years back along with her 3 ½ years old son is allowing Shyam to see his son. She is demanding money to allow him to see his son. He is fed up in running to the courts. Not even allowed to see his son. Those who speak of law are unable to understand these feelings, says angry Shyam

Protest demanding the appointment of judges

Save India Family Foundation and Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) under the leadership of CRISP's president Kumar V Jagirdhar has staged a demo in front of the family court demanding immediate posting of 2 judges that are vacant for quite some time. Several litigants were also present during the protests.


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