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Vanitha Vijayakumar does a U-turn PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Ajay Reddy   

She speaks with a sense of trepidation, but Vanitha’s resolve seems strong.

“I want to be a good parent,” she declares and continues, “I regret all the past outbursts. Akash is a great dad and I can’t take that away from him. I never saw that side to him. It took me a while to realise that he is truly keeping my child happy and is an excellent parent.”

A few months ago, the young mother was busy giving statements about the way her parents treated her and husband, Rajan, and things even took a violent turn between the families.

She later had a showdown with Akash in court and even embarrassed him publicly. “Yes, I did all of that, but sitting back and thinking about all that has happened, I realised that my children were suffering. I cannot let that happen.”

She adds, “Settling personal scores could have been a thing in the past, but now I have to make peace to see my kids together and happy.”

So, is she planning to live-in with Akash? “I have no idea yet. But I certainly am keen to be a good parent and Akash is an amazing dad, so I want us to share a good rapport and be there for the kids.”

Was it this proximity to Akash, that drove Rajan away? “Not at all. It was a mutual decision. He was only being known by the controversy and finding a job was difficult. There was so much baggage. We agreed that I look after my kids’ interests and he his own.”

After having made such humiliating statements about her parents, where do they now stand on all this? “My mother called me home. We both had a good cry and she wants us all to be happy. My dad, however, has not spoken to me since. I understand there is pain and anger there and I have said very hurtful things in the past. As an insider, I knew things, which I said out openly. It was my mistake.”

This complete U-turn might have shocked her staunch supporters too or did they guide her back to Akash?

“Everyone said this is the wisest thing to do because my kids need me the most and they are happy with Akash and me. Initially, my son Sri Hari did manipulate him into believing that I am not a good mother. But now, Akash knows that kids can also say things to suit them. Akash has now allowed me to spend time with my son and we are happy with the arrangement.”


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