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Do you think the rules/laws are applied to Fathers more stringently as compared to Mothers?

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From Boys to Men PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Times of India   

On the International Men’s Day, Chennai Times presents the woes of a vast section of the male population in the city

Times News Network

It’s that day of the year when the battered and bruised boys of the nation stand up to fight for their rights in a society that has been biased and unfair to them. Yes, it is the International Men’s Day today and this year, men’s groups in the city plan to take out a motorbike rally to draw society’s attention to their problems.

The rally will also serve as a tribute to men who have sacrificed their lives and might for the welfare of the nation and their families. The rally, which will start at the Gandhi Statue in the Marina Beach at 4.00 pm will end at around 5.00 pm in the High Court premises, where the members will submit a memorandum to the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, drawing his attention to their problems and seeking his intervention to set right the injustice being meted out to them.

“We protest the creation of fresh laws which subscribe punishment only to men and let the women off scot-free. We also protest the discrimination in punishment prescribed for an offence. Domestic violence is equally against men as well. However, there is no law that provides relief to men,” says Suresh from the Save Indian Family Foundation.

“Over 80 percent of the government’s revenue comes from taxes levied on men. However, when there is a welfare ministry even for animals, there are not even welfare measures for men in this country. When it comes to welfare measures, men are ignored, but when it comes to punishment, the government happily apes the west,” he points out.

This year, the emphasis will be on several demands, including the demand for a separate ministry for men and the need to opt for shared parenting.

“With divorce rates going up, children are the worst victims. We want children to have access to both parents. As of now, in 90 percent of such cases, only the women are granted custody of their children. The fathers just get visitation rights. The visitation period is insufficient in many cases. There have been instances where fathers have been granted just an hour’s time with their child per month. In shared parenting, the child will spend the weekdays with one parent and weekends with another, provided both parents are qualified to keep the children. During vacations, the time spent with both parents can be equally split,” explains Kumar V Jahgirdar, president of CRISP (Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting) and former husband of Anil Kumble’s wife.

Adds he, “Despite the belief that many women have that men have become redundant in today’s world, we believe that a child must have access to his dad. After all, a father is better than a 100 teachers.”

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