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NRI says ex-wife abducted son PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Deeksha Chopra   
CRY FOR HELP: Asta Nauseen and Ravi Chandran

NEW DELHI: An NRI scientist has alleged that his estranged wife has kidnapped his six-year-old son. Alleging that his ex-wife abducted his child from New York on June 28, 2007 and brought him to India, Dr V Ravi Chandran says that he hasn't heard from them since that day.

Even as he claims that a New York court, Karnataka High Court, Madras High court and Supreme Court have given him the sole custody of his son, Chandran says that his wife continues to be on the run with his child. On Friday, he made an appeal through Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), a Bangalore-based NGO, to help rescue his son. "I always wanted to share equal custody after divorce from my wife in 2005, but she accused me of child abuse in a New York court. I produced medical records proving that my wife was a schizophrenic. And on September 14, 2007, I was given the legal and physical custody of my son by a New York court. In good faith, I allowed her to bring him to India to meet his grandparents but she never returned. Today I don't even know his whereabouts and I'm not certain about his well being.''

Chandran was accompanied by the relatives of a man, who had allegedly committed suicide after being denied the right to see his son. The two sisters of 38-year-old Syed Ahmed Makhdoom, a techie in Bangalore, found it difficult to hold back their tears while talking about their brother. In his dying declaration on April 6, he had stated that "he was ending his life because he could not see his son''.

"Our brother was a Canadian national, based in Bangalore. He doted on his son. Syed would never have taken such a drastic step had he been allowed to visit his son. He left behind a dying declaration on video as well as documentary evidence to show that his ex-wife had married and divorced thrice earlier too for money,'' said Asta Nausheen, his eldest sister.


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