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CRISP Supports Girl Child PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Deccan Chronicle   

A prayer for the daughter


The city has several proud fathers who have not just affection but also admiration for their daughters. Ask Praveen Sood, assistant commissioner of police, about his two daughters, Ashitha , a Class XI student and Anishka, who is in the 5th, and he promptly says, “We feel blessed to have daughters. They are in no way lesser than boys in terms of achievement today and are more caring. They make life, the family brighter and more colourful.” Abdul Jameel who has a daughter, Aasia, feels the patience of a daughter is incomparable. “She takes birth and lives in one family, marries and manages another, becoming a bridge between the two,” he observes.

Srinagesh R. has written books on parenting and clearly loves his six adopted daughters. To him they are Lakshmi, creators of wealth. “If we educate a girl, she educates the family. If we give her parental love, she becomes a better mother and inculcates good values in her children, making them good citizens. Also she is mentally stronger than men,” he says.

Dr Anil M. says of his daughter Druthi, “I see my mother in her, when she cares for me, I see my wife when her twinkling eyes are searching for me. I don’t see a single other soul who can have all these combinations.

I am proud of the fact that she will make us all proud one day as I see it happening as the days go by.” To V. Kumar who has a daughter Aaruni, daughters represent culture and tradition. “They are the embodiment of beauty and an inspiration. They are more attached to their parents and spend more time with them giving unconditional love, affection and warmth. No family is complete without a girl,” he feels.

Whether a mother is a housewife or a career woman, she enjoys having a daughter for a variety of reasons. “I am proud to have a daughter when the sex ratio is dropping, due to female infanticide,” says filmmaker Kavitha Lankesh, who describes her daughter, Isha as her best friend. “I always wanted to have a daughter. They are more sensitive. It is better to invest in them, than in sons. It is they who look after their parents,” she adds, going on to observe that, “A girl child is nature, she is mother, she is nation, she is everything, she is the most beautiful creation of nature.” A homemaker Lakshmi is proud of her daughter, a cardiologist, who in her view feels the pulse of the poor. “She is a common man’s doctor and does a lot of free service. She has always been appreciated for her efficiency by her seniors, I am proud of her,” she says.


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