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Separated from son, techie hangs himself PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Hemanth Kashyap and B K Lakshmikantha   

According to his suicide note, he was devastated because he was prevented by his estranged wife and her parents from seeing his five-year-old son. Police investigating the incident say Syed Ahmed Makhdoom (38), a techie and resident of Borebank Road in Benson Town, hanged himself from a ceiling fan in his second-floor flat. The note left behind, addressed to his son, said he was very attached to him and was desperate to see him but his in-laws had prevented it. The note went on to say that “they will learn a lesson and it will be a lesson for other women”, and held his wife and in-laws responsible for his death.

The incident came to light on Thursday when the landlord got suspicious as Makhdoom’s car had remained parked outside for a few days. Not getting any response from Makhdoom’s mobile phone, he went to the second floor and was hit by a foul smell emanating from within. The police, who were informed, arrived to find Makhdoom hanging from the ceiling 
fan. From the decomposed state of the body, the police feel he committed suicide on Sunday.

According to his lawyer B B Abhayya, Makhdoom was from New Delhi and had completed his MSW from Delhi University. He later got a job in Canada and married there. But the marriage did not work out and he returned to India.

Couple fall out
Makhdoom joined a software company in Bangalore in 2000 and later married Muskhan Sehr (32), a native of Mysore and an HR manager in apparel company Jockey. They had a boy in 2005 and a girl in 2008. Soon after their daughter was born, the couple fell out and parted ways. Their divorce and child custody cases are pending in a city family court.

According to his lawyer, Makhdoom had requested Muskhan to give him custody of their son, and had gone several times to his wife’s house, but was prevented from seeing or talking to the boy. While Makhdoom was Muskhan’s fourth husband, Makhdoom himself married again eight months ago. At the time of the incident, his third wife, Ayesha, was with her parents in Chennai for her confinement.

Member of NGO
In his blog, Makhdoom had described himself thus: “I am a Canadian national holding a Canadian passport and a person of Indian origin holding a PIO card, and have settled in Bangalore since March 2005 with a valid residence permit and registration. My purpose in life is my son. I have been deceived by a deceptive lady who was married three times earlier.” Makhdoom was a member of Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), an NGO that works for the welfare of children. The NGO’s president Kumar Jagirdar said, “I have been seeing him since the past one year. Every Saturday he use to come to us and cry, thinking about his son. We would tell him that he will get justice. It is shocking to know that he has committed suicide. Our organisation will take up his case.”


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