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A concerned father's request: Please rescue and get my son back to me, who is kidnaped by his own mother PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Dinakaran   

Translated from Dinakaran, Chennai.

The noted scientist in America Dr. Ravichandran of Indian origin had married Vijayashree vora and had a baby by name Aditya born on 1stof July 2002 and they were living happily. Unfortunately there was a storm in their married life caused their understanding and bonding to breakdown. Vijayashree vora was affected and suffering from mental illness (disorder). Both father Ravichandran and mother Vijayashree vora had left the child Aditya to be in the custody of some or the other in oscillation and the child had to bear all the uncomfortable moves.

The baby Aditya was living with its father in the New York City of USA. As Vijayshree had convinced and made Ravichandran to believe her words that she is taking Aditya along with her to India only to visit her parents and would return immediately to US. Ravichandran had believed and sent the child along with her for the trip to India.

Since 28th June 2007 she left to India, has never returned back to US, it is already over 620 days, is still roaming here and there in India. After coming to India, she has not even met her parents and she is not available to anybody.

The orders have come from New York, Chennai high court, High court of Karnataka and from the Supreme court to arrest her and produce her in the court. There are number of evidences for her continued stay in India. According to Dr. Ravichandran, the court has ordered him to be the custodian for the child.

To act against law and to detach the child from me Viyayashree had conspired and taken away the child from New York and keeps on changing her whereabouts of the hide in India. The child has not been sent to the school for the past 18 months. Further I understand that the child is kept alone and harassed. Vijayashree who grabbed and separated the child away from the family and from me is a serious Psychic. Further requests Indian government to act on her inhuman act and child cruelty, as she has been violating the rights of the child and the orders from the court of law.

Subsequently this matter has been taken up by the Bangalore based NGO CRISP (The charitable organization to protect the rights of the children). This organization, for many years is taking care of the children's welfare who are left out by their parents.

The Chief of the CRISP(which has the supreme court orders to rescue the child in distress), Kumar Jahgirdar said the rights of the child to get the love, care and affection of both the parents is the main theme in this organization. There are one thousand members in this organization. When the parents get divorce the child has no custodian to look after and thus suffers, he said

Though father and mother are separated, for the welfare and future of the child, both the parents should agree and accept to maintain the child jointly. Child can be jointly admitted to hostels or at the child care centers and taken care by both parents.

In Dr.Ravichandrans matter, it is shocking to know that the child is kidnapped by her own mother. For the past one and half years, the child has not been given with any proper education, which is against the rights of any child. We can not be so much worried about the rights of the women.

Because of these type of disputes among the parents the victims are the children.

Vijayashree, for the future and welfare of the child, must handover the child to the police and she must surrender. The Supreme Court has ordered the police to arrest Vijayashree and to get the child to the court.

We hope to rescue Aditya soon and we will hand over to Ravichandran - he said.


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