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Who's to take care of the children of divorced parents PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Malayala Manorama   

In Bangalore, there is a new organisation called CRISP, to speak for them.

In court halls, parents going through the procedures of seperation and divorce may fail to notice the tender looks of their kids...who have forgotten to smile and have not learned to cry. Where have their mischieveous smiles gone. When will the childishness that parted them come back. What paths in life will these children take. Where will they end up.

CRISP (Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting) is a new organisation formed in the Garden City of Bangalore to speak for the children of parents who are parting with each other.

A glance at some statistics
  • CRISP was formed last June
  • Total number of cases for consideration - 3000 (only in Bangalore)
  • Solutions provided for 25% of the cases

In last six months, 750 children got their smiles back, which is a great achievement.
According to CRISP President Mr.Kumar Jahgidar, though the organisation was formed in Bangalore there are more than 500 active members of CRISP, working in various parts of India.

The Commission for Child Rights has complemented the activities of CRISP. Mr Jahgirdar, who is a stock broker, formed the organisation based on experiences from his own life. When his wife parted ways to lead a new life with a leading cricketer, he felt concerned about the future of his child. The urge to do something for the children in such circumstances resulted in the formation of CRISP.

Father or Mother: Who should be forgotten

Gokul got divorced 2 years ago.4 years prior to that, they were leaving seperate. The child was only 2 months old then. Gokul says, he was not able to see enough of his child since then. His ex-wife's family was trying to create problems, if he attempted to see the child. Courts normally let children under 5 years to stay with the mothers.Father will be given visitation rights at specific times. But what if the mother tries to picture the father as a villain, in the mind of the child? It is only natural that the child will get distanced fromĀ  the father.And vice versa, children who stay with the father will have a bad image about the mother. Even if couples get divorced, relation between their families may continue. Elderly people who long to see their grand children end up as tragic characters. Due to all the mental tension, children get addicted to drugs or lead criminal ways of life. Court cases dragging on for years also negatively affect the children. The problems get aggrevated, when divorced parents remarry and have children again. If proper councelling is given, couples often become ready for a settlement - points out Manoranjini Girish a councellor. It is also true thatĀ  there are families who prevent couples from doing so. CRISP was able to discourage several couples from court cases, says CRISP activits.

Pending Divorce Cases - 13,000

There more than 13,000 pending divorce cases only in Bangalore. There are more than 5000 children of divorced parents in the city. Even if you look from an optimistic angle, the fact remains that this number is only bound to go up. Today's women are independant and so will come out of uneasy relationships quite easily - points out Mr.Venkatachalam, the legal advisor for CRISP. On the other hand there is also increase in the number of people seeking divorce for trivial reasons. Men complain that, even not allowing to change the TV channel is ending up as cases of domestic violence and that laws are framed only to favour the women.
According to social scientists, number of divorces will go up by three fold in the next 10 years. This is why CRISP is more relevant in the current context. After divorce, the parents will be like two different poles trying to attract the children towards them. In this tussle, there needs to be someone who is unbiased and be a bridge of conciliation. For the last six months the objective of CRISP is the same.

For Free Councelling Call - 080 25593848.


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