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IT Professionals Divorce rate on the rise PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Rajasthan Patrike   

Original Article

There has been an unprecedented rise in divorce cases among IT-BPO professionals in the city. What is of great concern is the fact that every month approx. 1200 such cases come to the counselling centres, most of these cases relate to newly married couples.

Children's Rights Initiative For Shared Parenting, is an NGO, whose President Mr. Jahgirdar states that in the past few years matters on marital discord have come forward out of which 60% are amongst IT professionals. Approximately 40 petitions are filed in the city's family court every month. He further states that his organisation counsels 30-40 victims of broken marriages almost every day. IT company employee Aishwarya, a software engineer, says that after marriage she had no time to spend with her husband due to work pressure. After two years of dilemma and mental stress they decided to part ways. Psychologist Dr. Chandra Sinha states that due to change in lifestyles husband-wife has no time for each other and this has aggravated the problem. The number of working married couples is more in the city. Mostly both couples are IT professionals. They have different working hours and varied work pressure which leads to emotional detachment and lack of communication. This takes a serious form and matters lead to divorce.

Increase In Youth Crime rate

Rise in marital discord has led to an increase in crime by youth. What is of serious cocern is the fact that out of four juvenile courts in the city only two are functional.

Actually, in the city's family court 13000 matters are sub-judice for the past several years and in 2008 alone, 3800 new cases have been filed. One of the reasons for increase in such cases is the rise in youth crime.

The reason for it is that children are emotionally distressed or circumstances lead them to the wrong path. Child Psychologist Ekta says that such incidents lead to alienation from families.

Slowly they go out of control of their guardians. The result is drug addiction, sexual freedom and exploitation and many such social vices. Jahgirdar quotes that the children of such parents are victims of loneliness and feel insecure. The result is that some take to crime whereas others get suppressed.

The delay in solving such cases due to the inefficiency of the courts, the young criminals are confined to child remand homes for long periods of time and this makes matters worse.



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