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Organisation launched for protecting children from divorced parents PDF Print E-mail
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Written by CRISP Admin   

Amending the law suitably has been demanded.

A non-government organisation (NGO) in the name of  CRISP has been launched to protect children from divorced parents.

Shri. Kumar Jahgirdar, president of "CRISP" has the following to say about this organ in his address to the press: "CRISP, an NGO based at Bangalore, strives to bring in a legal provision to ensure the right of children to flourish, enjoying the love and affection of grandparents.

This NGO called CRISP was inaugurated on 14th June 2008 synchronizing with the "Fathers' Day". This body has over 500 members from all over India.

The functions and activities of this outfit has been lauded by the National Commission for protection of child rights. CRISP endevours to educate the parents to develop love towards children.

Besides, we try to protect the children's welfare in the event of their parents getting estranged and dissolve their marriage, since it is a fact that the divorce is only between the husband and wife, and not between the children and their grandparents.

Hence this organization tries to prevent separation of children fro the family and ensure their upbringing in the company of their grandparents.

Children who are denied father's affection and care undergo trauma in life. This is a reason for five fold increase in suicides. Besides, the incidence of children deserting their home has increased by 32 times and cases of juvenile delinquency has gone up by 20 times because of lack of proper parental care.

The other ill-effects are rape cases going up by 20 times, school drop-outs by 9 times, drug-addiction by 10% and imprisonment due commission of crimes by 20%.

It has also been reported by an American survey that 3 million teen-age girls are likely to be affected by venereal diseases because of the collapse of harmony at home.

Since today's tiny tot children form the emerging society of the future, CRISP  strives for ensuring better future of these children. We are taking legal measures to get the right of quality life assured for these children."

Dr. Prem Kumari said, " Children are the first victims of divorce. Since in almost all cases of separation, children are given to the custody of mothers only, they are denied fathers' affection and they grow without enjoying the love of the father. Some women file criminal charges like dowry harassment and domestic violence against their husbands and in-laws in order to extort money from them. This causes untold misery to the family of the husbands. Such laws are one-sided and biased against men. These laws are to be amended to make them gender-neutral."


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