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So that parental love is not denied PDF Print E-mail
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Written by The Hindu   
Divorced parents should share responsibilities to reduce bitterness

Parents should go for counselling on custody of the child

Children should not be asked to choose between parents

BANGALORE: With the rate of divorces going up in the country, especially in metropolitan cities, custodial rights over children are often fiercely fought. A non-governmental organisation, Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), is working to ensure that children are not deprived of the love of either of the parents even in the event of a divorce.

CRISP founder-president Kumar Jahgirdar believes that conflicts between parents will get reduced and the mental and emotional health of children will improve if there is meaningful contact between the children and the parents, preferably with mutual consent.

He says the child should spend equal time with both parents and sole custody of a child with any one parent amounts to child abuse. “Children should not be allowed to be emotionally detached from either of the parents,” he adds.

A provision should be made in the law to guarantee parental love for children, especially in cases where one parent in a divorce claims sole custody, he says. CRISP counsels parents to convince them of the need for both parents to have access to children even after a separation.

Nidhi Garg, advocate and family counsellor who is part of the group, feels that shared parenting should be monitored by the court regularly as it is the ultimate guardian. Manoranjani Girish, counsellor for CRISP, feels the child should not be asked to a make choice between the two parents.

CRISP holds that couples should meet a panel of experts to clarify issues such as custody, finance, education and children’s upbringing before proceeding with the divorce decree. The courts should ensure meaningful participation of the parents in bringing up a child. The mothers should undergo mandatory counselling to increase involvement of the biological father in the child’s life, says Mr. Jahgirdar.

CRISP can be contacted on 98452-64488 or 98116-2414.


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