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UK judge recites f*** in kid fight PDF Print E-mail
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Written by ANI & AFP   

Divorce judge quotes lewd poem as he makes ruling in a family battle

A divorce judge, who decided to lay emphasis on the distressing impact divorce has on children, quoted a famous lewd poem on Wednesday as he made a ruling in a family battle — saying: "They f*** you up, your mum and dad."

According to a report published in The Sun, Lord Justice Nicholas Wall used the words of English poet Philip Larkin to stress the devastating impact on children when couples keep warring after they split up.

The Appeal Court judge, dealing with a residence order, said he hoped he would give the mother and father a fright because they had both come "within a whisker" of losing their nine-year-old son.

As he ruled the boy could live with the mother, he said the parents had harmed him by their "ongoing mutual dislike and recriminations" for each other following the break-up, the journal reported.

The judge issued a statement overturning a decision by Luton County Court, Beds, at which custody of the boy had been given to his maternal grandparents.

Quoting poet Larkin's 1971 work This Be The Verse, he said: "They f*** you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do.

"They fill you with the faults they had, and add some extra, just for you."

He said: "These four lines give a clear warning to parents."

Eight-year-old given divorce

An eight-year-old Saudi girl, who was sold into marriage by her father, has been given a divorce after an international outcry over the case, Saudi media reported on Thursday.

The marriage of the girl to a man reportedly in his 50s was annulled on Wednesday in out-of-court settlement overseen by a new judge in the city of Onaiza, after the original judge in the case refused to bend to pressure to grant the divorce, several newspapers reported.

Riyadh newspaper said the settlement was reached after the intervention in the case by an unidentified "important personality."

The girl's father had sold her last year to the man in exchange for a dowry.

When her mother found out, she petitioned the court for a divorce for the girl.

The judge twice rejected her case –– though he stipulated that the marriage could only be consummated after the girl attains puberty.

An appeals court sent the case back to the judge suggesting he reconsider, but he ruled again last week against divorce.

The case garnered strong criticism from international rights groups and foreign diplomats raised the issue quietly with the Saudi government, according to sources.

UN Children's Fund executive director Anne Veneman said earlier this month that the child's rights were being violated.

"UNICEF joins many in voicing concern that child marriage contravenes accepted international standards of human rights," she said. ANI & AFP


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