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Father, grandmother share custody of girl after crash PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Colleen Jenkins   
Tammy Rosian, 47, puts granddaughter Summer Moll down for a nap last month. Summer will spend more and more time with her father.
Tammy Rosian, 47, puts granddaughter Summer Moll down for a nap last month. Summer will spend more and more time with her father.

TAMPA — The grandmother and father of the little girl who was critically injured in a head-on crash in September will share custody of her as she mends, attorneys said Monday.

The arrangement is unique, allowing for both adults to be involved in the decision-making and parenting of 4-year-old Summer Moll throughout her childhood.

Summer's mother, Jennifer O'Boyle, died after another woman drove the wrong way on the Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway with a 0.244 percent blood-alcohol level. The driver, Cheryl M. Riemann, faces multiple felony charges, including DUI manslaughter and DUI resulting in seriously injury.

Since the crash, the child has lived with her maternal grandmother, Tammy Rosian, who won temporary custody last month over the objections of the child's father. Joshua Moll moved from Texas to Tampa to help care for his daughter.

The two sides were set to meet in court Monday for a hearing on future living arrangements. Instead, six attorneys spent last Friday hashing out a plan that satisfied both caregivers.

Summer will continue to live with Rosian but will spend an increasing amount of time on weekends with her father. She'll eventually live with Moll the majority of the time, with Rosian helping to care for the child after school and on weekends, said Moll's attorney, Theodore Rechel.

The goal is to keep both the grandmother and father involved in Summer's life, and the decisions that affect her, said Jennifer Reh, Rosian's attorney.

"Everybody grew up very quickly and realized that Summer is the priority," Reh said.

Summer already has made strides in her recovery, namely regaining her voice.

"It's nice and strong," Rosian said. "She's very bossy."

Colleen Jenkins can be reached at or (813) 226-3337.


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