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Money, parenting and online social networking are breaking up marriages PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Kate Larsen   

SACRAMENTO, CA -- While no couple goes into a marriage with the intention of getting divorced, the fact is, 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.

While a marriage can end for any number of reasons, most experts agree money and finances are the biggest cause for marital tension.

"I would say the number one warning sign would be excessive spending. When one spouse is spending 10 thousand dollars on plastic surgery, and it's coupled with a new wardrobe and a new luxury car," says Jennifer O'Brien, a Sacramento family law attorney.

O'Brien says it's not just the spending that causes problems but the reasons behind it, "When it exceeds what the family can spend or it's just out-of-character for that person, maybe a spouse's priorities have shifted."

Other telltale signs a divorce may be looming are disagreements over parenting.

Marriage and family therapist, Carol Greenfield, sees a lot of marriage tension created over blended family issues. "The parent of the child has to find a way to support both the child and the partner. If that does not occur, problems arise within the marital relationship as well as with the child and the parent," Greenfield said.

Hiding information, particularly when it comes to online social networking, is a red flag for a marriage on the rocks. If your spouse is spending too much time online, perhaps communicating with an ex, it could be a sign they're losing interest in the partnership or even a sign of infidelity.

All experts agree communication and time spent together are key ingredients to a happy marriage.


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