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Written by CRISP   




Shri Kumar Jahgridar,
Children Right Initiative for Shared Parenting(CRISP)
No. 78, Osborne Road,
Near Lakeside HDFC Bank,

Sub: - Petition praying for urgent need to curb female foeticide.

I am directed to state that the Committee on Petitions of Rajya Sabha which is examining the captioned petition, has decided to have the benefit of your views in response to your Memorandum on the petition received on 24th February, 201 1, in its meeting to be held on Thursday, the 24th March, 2011 in Main Committee Room, Ground Floor, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi. I am, therefore, to request you kindly to make it convenient to appear before the Committee at 3.45 P.M. on the above noted date and venue for the purpose
2. You may, if you so desire, give a detailed/consolidated written note containing your viewslsuggestions (in English & Hindi) which could be sent to this Secretariat latest by 21st March, 2011 for circulation amongst the Members of the Committee.
3. A line in confirmation of your appearance before the Committee may be sent to the undersigned at the earliest.
4. A copy each of the petition and the list of Members of the Committee on Petitions is enclosed.
Yours faithfully,

Phone: 23035365(0)


CRISP, c/o PBA Srinivasan, B-1/6, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016, Mob: (0) 98716 43443

Head Office: # 78, Osborne Road, (Near Lake Side Hospital), Bangalore - 42, India. Helpline No: +91 80 25593848, Mobile No: +91 98452 64488.



Ref: CRISP/241210/2                                                                                                  24rd December, 2010


Shri Rakesh Naithani,

Joint Director,

Rajya Sabha Secretariat,

Parliament House Annexe,

New Delhi – 110 001


Subject: Recommendations on Petition praying for urgent need to curb female foeticide and request for deposition in front of the Committee.


Honorable Members of the Committee,

This memorandum is in response to your call for feedback, comments and suggestions on Petition praying for urgent need to curb female foeticide. We would also like to request for an opportunity to present our suggestions and recommendations on this issue. We humbly request for an opportunity to depose in front of the esteemed committee.

About CRISP: We represent CRISP, an acronym for Children’s Right Initiative for Shared Parenting. CRISP is a registered, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by a group of citizens, who are concerned about child abuse, abortions (foeticide) of children and alienation of one spouse from children during divorce or separation. We feel the unborn child has the unquestionable right to life. CRISP also focuses on furthering the rights of a child to remain connected with both parents. While most NGOs pertaining to children deal with issues related to child labor, education, etc., we deal with issues related to unquestionable right of children to be cared for by both biological parents.

We have studied the female foeticide problem since last couple of years and we have following suggestions and recommendations regarding this petition:

  1. The data presented by the petitioners is questionable. This data is downloaded from a commercial website and the data seems like some wild estimates of sex ratios at birth. It is claimed that the data is from Office of Registrar General of India, however, in such a case the more appropriate way to obtain data would have been to use a Right to Information (RTI) Act application.


The petitioners must submit the RTI reply from Office of Registrar General of India, instead of downloading data from a commercial website


The Government must wait for the latest census-2010 figures for the accurate “sex ratios at birth Statistics” across states and across urban and rural India.



  1. The petitioners also tried to mislead the committee by omitting the facts that the natural sex ratio at birth is 950 girls for 1000 boys. That is, if there is no female foeticide, then about 950 girls will be born for birth of 1000 boys, if we discount some other environmental factors.(Book Ref: Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen)


  1. Most Indian parents feel burdened about expenses for daughter’s marriage apart from dowry. India is one of the rare countries in the world, where parents take pride in spending for their children’s marriage and often parents are socially forced to spend huge sums of money for children’s marriage. This social practice has to be curbed. Today, even in hugely populated country like China, which has family system similar to ours, the parents rarely spend for the marriage of their children.


Government must pass laws to curb this social practice, which is the root of female foeticide problem. It is to be noted that often marriage expenses in themselves can be much more than any dowry exchange that takes place.


  1. We strongly oppose the request of petitioners to provide reservations for women in private and public sector jobs. We are also opposed to reservations for women in politics, in education and in jobs. Reservations are like curing symptoms of a disease, while the disease remains uncured. We feel reservations for women anywhere will not solve their problems and will instead result in many unforeseen indirect problems.


The petitioners fail to explain how Government can handle the resultant massive unemployment of young men from such a reservation policy in jobs. It’s certain that there is a strong correlation between unemployment and crime in the society. The petitioners are women’s rights activists and yet, they are proposing a solution which can actually increase crime in the society including crime against women.


  1. Government must initiate pro-life policies. The highly liberals abortion laws in India are partly responsible for female foeticide. In many western countries, the abortion laws are stricter than India and there are serious anti-abortion lobbies, who believe it is their moral duty to save life of every unborn child. In many states in United States of America, the abortion laws are stricter than India.


Unfortunately in India, even the religious leaders (Hindu, Muslim or Christian) have shown little interest in opposing the very liberal abortion culture. Any abortion culture is genocide. Government must take a stricter stand on the entire abortion issue, as done by many Governments in Western countries.


  1. At present, there are not centralized records of pregnancies and abortions in India. This gives too much freedom to doctors and medical practitioners and they have the freedom to abort the children, once the gender of the child is determined. When all pregnancies and abortions are registered, it will become much difficult for medical practitioners to perform abortions and get away from the law.


  1. We agree with the petitioners that the manufacture and import of portable handheld ultra-sound machines must be prohibited in India and people violating it must be severely punished.



Recommendations of CRISP for Prevention of Female Foeticide:


  1. Registrations of all pregnancies in centralized database, so that abortions can be tracked. The doctors and medical practitioners who do not register pregnancies and abortions into this central database must be severely punished.


  1. A new law has to be enacted to curb high marriage spending by parents. No parent should spend more than 6 month’s income for marriage of a son or daughter. This will not only curb marriage expenses, but also check the dowry menace.


  1. Government must initiate pro-life policies to discourage mindless abortions in the first place. Mandatory counseling must be given to women, couples and families in case they choose to abort an unborn child. Medical practitioners and doctors must be made to cooperate with this mandatory counseling by special counseling centers in urban India.


  1. We oppose any kind of reservations for women in jobs in public or private sector as it will create more problems than solving the problem of female foeticide. We also oppose all other forms of reservation for women, including reservation for women in parliament, assemblies and such law making bodies.


  1. Government (Ministry for Women and Children’s Welfare) must spend Rupees 40 Crores every year in media advertisement campaigns against dowry and extravagant marriages. The goal should be to completely eliminate marriage spending by parents in next 5 to 7 years.


  1. People must be educated through mass awareness campaigns that a son can bring more tears to parents than a daughter.


  1. The manufacture and import of portable ultra sound scanning machines must be prohibited and the violators must be severely punished.



Thanks and Regards,



Mr. Kumar Jahgirdar, CRISP,

Children Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting

Delhi NCR Unit, B-1/6, Hauz Khas

New Delhi – 110016, Mob: 0-98452 64488




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