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Justice delivered but enforcement flouted PDF Print E-mail
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Written by CRISP Admin   

NRI father's legal battle for 30 months fails to secure his son Aditya (US Citizen) despite landmark Supreme Court judgment.  Gets life threatening calls.  Prays for justice. Seeks Public and Media support to trace his 7 years old son (AGAIN!) and safely take him back to USA

Hyderabad, January 02... Justice delivered but enforcement flouted. The legal battle for custody of his seven years old son Aditya continues for Dr. V. Ravi Chandran for the past 30 months.  A NRI father residing now in Hyderabad is an internationally reputed scientist has been waging a legal battle ( to rescue his son Master Aditya from his ex wife Vijayasree Voora.  Supreme Court of India (SC) ordered 5 different state polices (TN, AP, UP, KA and Chandigarh) to trace Aditya and his mother Vijayasree Voora. When police failed, the apex court ordered CBI in August 2009 to trace and produce Aditya in the court. On Oct 24, Aditya was ultimately traced in Chennai near his grandparent's house by the CBI and produced in Honorable Supreme Court of India. After hearing both side, the SC on November 17, 2009 SC ordered Aditya's mother Vijayasree Voora to take Aditya back to USA within 15 days.

Chronology of events staring November 17, 2009 since Supreme Court Order:

Supreme Court of India (SC) ordered vide WPCRL No. 112/2007 on November 17, 2009 that Vijayasree Voora must take Aditya back to USA on her own within 15 days. On or about December 1, 2009, Vijayasree requested additional time, and the time to take Aditya back to USA on her own was extended by additional 15 days.

As per the above SC order, petitioner had to comply with certain requirements. These requirements were fully complied by the Petitioner, Dr. V. Ravi Chandran. He purchased flight tickets, accommodation temporarily in a hotel in Albany NY, request by his US attorney to vacate arrest warrant pending in NY police, admission letter from Martha Hunt Elementary School for Aditya , A check for the amount of USD 2000 payable to Vijayasree Voora for her immediate expenses.

Furthermore, petitioner Dr. V. Ravi Chandran had also convinced Judge Maney of NY family court to drop charges and vacate the arrest warrant. A certified copy of the cancelled arrest warrant was also sent to Vijayasree Voora.

However, it turned out the two Chennai addresses given by Vijayasree Voora to CBI were bogus, and Vijayasree was never found there. Two registered mail sent to both address were returned by the post office for addressed party not found. It seems, that Vijayasree had absolutely no intention of complying with any court order, let alone Supreme court order.

It is also to be noted that Aditya's behaviour pattern towards his father Dr V Ravi Chandran was very positive in the absence of his mother, and was excited in the prospect of coming to USA. He enquired about his old friends (Simon and Ashley) and  about his favourite horse George.  However, it was clear he was very afraid of his mother. In spite of his mother's poisoning of his tender mind, he was very affectionate towards the father.  When father showed him pictures of his grandmother he was very happy and recognized her immediately.

Vijayasree must have been disappointed that her false allegations of child abuse against Aditya's father were dismissed by the Supreme Court of India after thorough scrutiny of documents submitted by Vijayasree, and deemed false.

As per the Supreme Court of India (SC) order, the time limit for Vijayasree Voora to take Aditya back to USA ended on December 17, 2009. When the petitioner Dr. V. Ravi Chandran reached Chennai to pick up Aditya, he found nobody there, and Vijayasree had once again abducted Aditya , and I was told that Aditya is separated from his mother and kept in isolation. Tragic story of Aditya continues, with no respect for his life and liberty.

Furthermore, in Pondy Bazar police station in Chennai to file FIR for re-abduction of Aditya, on Dec 21st, Mr. Sriman Narayana Voora, father of Vijayasree threatened me in front of Assistant commission of police, with dire consequences if I continue to pursue the custody of Aditya.

Brief Background of the Case

The couple Dr. V. Ravi Chandran and Vijayasree Voora got separated in 2005 and since then waging legal battle for the shared custody of his son as per original consent order from NY family court.

Dr. V. Ravi Chandran is Ph.D. & M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, and University of Florida. He has got the world patents for several important medicines... Liquid formulations of metformin, US patents 6890957, 6559187, Novel compounds with High Therapeutic Index, US & worldwide patents pending in USA, Canada etc., and various others, to name a few. He is also the recipient of 2004 distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Florida in May 2004 for his lifetime contribution to Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has also performed as a consultant to Medical staff at Harvard Medical School. He has sacrificed his flourishing career to rescue Aditya from several years of abuse by his own mother.

His ex-wife Vijayasree Voora had meticulously planned for illegal kidnapping of Aditya. She moved Aditya from place to place to avoid tracing after bringing him to India for a vacation. Past 30 months she subjected to Aditya to live in substandard seedy motels which she changed often. She did not admit him to any school for a period of more than 2 years preventing him from having any social contacts, schooling, or any stability in his life and deprived him of father's love and affection. Currently all her efforts are directed to poison the mind of Aditya against his father. All Aditya knows is cruelty from his mother. Aditya was treated to mediocre schooling or no schooling, despicable apartment life, nomadic existence, and being moved all over India with his fugitive mother. Vijayasree Voora, with her reckless behavior due to severe mental illness is endangering the welfare of a child, with total contempt of even SC orders, continues to abuse Aditya by holding him hostage. This behavior is highly condemnable as the child's rights are far superior to that of parental rights.

This high profile case has over a period of time generated lot of media and public attention as it raised many issues such as Legal Terrorism, how one can easily flout even the apex orders, equal rights for child custody and access for both parents, shared parenting, domestic violence, international child abduction and gender bias laws etc many others all concerning society at large.

Addressing a press conference jointly by Kumar V. Jahgirdar, President of Children's Rights Initiatives for Shared Parenting (CRISP) and Dr. V. Ravi Chandran, Father and Natural Guardian of Aditya both expressed shock how Vijayasree Voora, a resident of Chennai Police is flouting Supreme Court orders.  Now how can one get justice, they questioned. Children like Aditya are ultimate sufferers if the parent turns to criminal behavior.

Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP) is a first of its kind all India body (NGO) dealing with parents claim for children's custody disputes ongoing/over divorce battle today urged Government of India and all the concerned state governments to amend/make fresh laws to grant equal access to both parents. Further they appealed to make shared parenting mandatory in India.  Requested Law Ministry to set up special courts to deal with Child Custody cases in order to speedily dispose pending cases. In any eventuality, the matters must be deposed within three months of filing the custody/visitation petition. The members of CRISP observed. They also demanded to punish persons who misuse IPC 498A and Domestic Violence Law and remove parents from guardianship rights if such accusations are false or if they disobey court orders. Non-compliance of court orders, even if committed by the mother, should be dealt seriously, and in a non-gender biased fashion.

CRISP has over 2000 active members across India and abroad. It has chapters all over India.  Addressing a press conference, Mr. Kumar V. Jahgirdar, Founder and President of CRISP who himself is fighting a legal battle for equal access to his daughter from his wife Chetana (currently married to Indian leg spinner and former captain of Indian Cricket team, Anil Kumble) along with some members said misuse of anti-dowry laws and other woman-protection laws has now become a well recognized problem in India. Increasing number of aged parents, sisters and children in the husband's family are falsely accused and arrested under these inhumane laws, and find them defenseless against the harassment unleashed thereafter and multiple litigations for the same offence/allegations with violations of Article 20 and 21 of Indian constitution.

Dr. V. Ravi Chandran demands Government, Home Ministry, Chief Justice of India to act on granting equal rights to both the parents who have been fighting for the custody of their children. In many cases despite of the court orders, Fathers are not allowed to see children. Children should have equal access to both the parents in order to help the child lead a normal life. We must make shared parenting mandatory.  Approximately Five Lakh parents, vast majority of them being fathers, are suffering with this kind of abuse where they don't even have access to their own children.  The mothers, in order to take revenge on the husband and his family members, don't allow fathers to access the child. They have been violating many court orders routinely as is the case with Vijayasree Voora by taking undue advantage of the gender biased laws and the mindset of the society favouring mothers. The poor fathers can't do anything. They have been suffering in silence, and in some cases even committing suicide (Syed Maktoom case in point).  Now the time has come. Government must understand the pain of the father. It is not that just mothers alone who have love and affection for the child. The fathers too love their children and have equal feelings towards their offspring.  It is unfortunate that the laws are gender biased more towards women.   According the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "All are equal before the law, and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law as per Indian Constitution". Hence, men should also be accorded protection from physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and financial abuse by women as the cases of this nature are increasing.

Gender Biased LAW should immediately be made crime based instead of any assumption that all women never lie and all the men are born as Criminals. "MEN/WOMEN" word to be replaced by word "PERSON" and word "wife/husband" to be replaced with the word "SPOUSE" in the domestic violence act, so that husband can also file complaints with the police under this act..

Dr. Ravi Chandran who has wide exposure to child custody laws in various parts of the world, believes in the concept of shared parenting as practiced in developed countries. The child should have access to both its natural parents, the father and the mother in the best interest of the child when both the parents are otherwise not disqualified. We take pride in the fact that National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), a Government of India undertaking recently has appreciated our initiative on child welfare and significance of love and care of both the parents in a child's life.

In our society unfortunately many marriages are ending up in divorce and more so in the Metros and the educated classes of the society, especially the upper middle class and affluent class. CRISP receives various complaints in matters related to parental alienation including that of NRI's pertaining to parental abduction of children. We are presenting to our media friends a typical case of an unfortunate father Dr. V. Ravi Chandran, a world renowned scientist who is deprived of the care and custody of his son Master Aditya aged about 6 years, from more than 910 days. Please also refer for further details.

The press conference was addressed by many members of the CRISP .  To put pressure on the government for child rights, CRISP is planning to have roadshow across India, to mobilize public opinion on the same. It also urged media to highlight Dr Ravi Chandran's plight and also  rightful requests of its members.  While 40% of the population comprised of children, they voices are silent without any representation.

We appeal to media and public to help trace and restore safe custody of  Master Aditya to his father and his natural guardian Dr. V. Ravi Chandran on his mobile: 9704362000.

The parents suffering with similar problems may reach CRISP (Flat No. 3, Natasha Penta, Infantry Road Cross, Bangalore - 560001. Tel: 080 - 25593848, Fax: 080-41238847 to fight for the common cause to save our children to lead normal life.


Issued for and on behalf of CRISP India by: D. Ramchandram, Solus Media, 98480-42020.

Further clarification, please contact Kumar Jahgirdhar (0 98452 64488) or Dr. V. Ravi Chandran (97043 62000)

Thank you and God bless Aditya.


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