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Press Release - CRISP supporting a hapless father PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Kumar V. Jahgirdar   
I About Crisp:

Child Rights Initiative for shared parenting (CRISP) is NGO based from Bangalore with 1000 members active throughout the country & abroad .Our NGO is the first of its sort dealing in problems relating to children when their parents are divorced and in disputes of custodial and non custodial parents. Crisp believes in the concept of shared parenting wherein the child should have access to both its natural parents the father and the mother in the best interest of the child when both the parents are otherwise not disqualified. We are proud to tell that National Commission for protection of child rights (NCPR) a Govt of India undertaking recently has appreciated our initiative on child welfare & significance of love and care of both the parents in a child’s life. (Enclosed Copy) Our aims and objectives are based on research findings worldwide which indicate that children do best when both the parents are actively involved in the child’s life to avoid parental alienation syndrome which is the worst form of CHILD ABUSE.

II Major Children Issues:

In our society unfortunately 2 out of 5 marriages are ending up in divorce This is more rampant in the metros and amongst the educated classes of the society especially the upper middle class and affluent class. Crisp is receiving various complaints in this regard of parental alienation including that of NRI’s pertaining to parent child abduction. We are presenting to our media friends a typical case of an unfortunate father Dr. Ravichandran a world renowned scientist who is deprived of care and custody of his son Master Aditya aged about 6 years, more than 500 days. Please also refer for further details. The father doesn’t even know the whereabouts and the welfare of the child and obviously this great scientist and wonderful father is in a lot of distress due to the uncertainty of the well being of his loving child and our society is duty bound to help him.

III Brief Background of Dr.Ravichandran.

Dr. Ravichandran is a graduate of the college of Pharmacy University of Florida with PhD & M.S in pharmaceutical sciences. He has received numerous world wide patents (issued and applied) for several drugs and related products.Liquid formulations of metformin, US patents 6890957, 6559187 , Novel compounds with High Therapeutic Index, US & worldwide patents pending in USA, CANADA etc.,and various others, to name a few. He is also the recipient of 2004 distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Florida in May 2004 for his lifetime achievement in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has also performed as a consultant to Medical staff at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge just to name a few of his achievements. He has done various supports for different community services round the world for the physically and mentally handicapped in USA and India & also set up an endowment fund to promote research and student scholarship.

IV Brief History of the Case:

  1. Vijayasree Voora had meticulously planned for illegal kidnapping of Aditya.
  2. She moved Aditya from place to place to avoid tracing. Past 18 months she subjected to Aditya to live in seedy hotels which she changed often.
  3. She did not admit him to any school for a period of more than 18 months preventing him having social contacts, schooling, or any stability in his life. All Aditya knows is cruelty from his mother.
  4. She had deprived Aditya of love and attention from his father, and also from all members of family from either side.
  5. Aditya may be treated to mediocre schooling or no schooling, despicable apartment life, nomadic existence, and being moved all over INDIA with his fugitive mother.
  6. Vijayasree Voora, with her reckless behavior due to severe mental illness is endangering the welfare of a child, with contempt of court orders, continues to abuse Aditya by holding him hostage.

V Brief Background of Aditya.

Date of Birth: July 1, 2002;
Age: 6;
Hair: Black;
Eyes: Brown;
Place of Birth: Schenectady, New York, USA;
Height: 3’8”;
Weight: 40 Lbs;
Race: Indian.
Remarks: Ht and Wt are at the time of his disappearance. Aditya Chandran has birth marks in his back and legs (mild green colorations). He may also be called Adi, Aditya, Aditya V, Aditya Voora etc. (Photo enclosed of Dr, Ravichandran and his son Aditya.)

Remarks: Ht and Wt are at the time of his disappearance. Aditya Chandran has birth marks in his back and legs (mild green colorations). He may also be called Adi, Aditya, Aditya V, Aditya Voora etc. (Photo enclosed of Dr, Ravichandran and his son Aditya.)

VI Various Court orders:

  1. On September 14, 2007, father was given sole legal and physical custody of Aditya Chandran by the New York court.
  2. On November 15, 2007 the Madras High Court dismissed Vijayasree Voora’s petition for sole legal and physical custody of Aditya.
  3. A federal arrest warrant charging Vijayasree Voora with international kidnapping is pending from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Order to Chennai police to secure Vijayasree Voora was issued by Madras High Court on Dec 20, 2007.
  4. Non-bail able criminal child abuse arrest warrant for Vijayasree Voora was issued by the New York Supreme Court on Jan 7, 2008.
  5. The US dept of Homeland Security updated its computers on Feb 7, 2008 to arrest Vijayasree Voora upon reentry to USA. Special order by the Supreme Court of India to Chandigarh and U.P. Police to rescue Aditya from abuse was issued on April 28, 2008. Till to date Vijayasree continues her fugitive lifestyle unabated and undisturbed by any and all court decrees from multiple jurisdictions of the world.

VII Psychology Report on mental status of Vijayasree Voora:

Vijayasree Voora suffers from Munchausen’s by Proxy .Court appointed psychologist had declared VijayasreeVoora suffers from severe mental disorders. Full details of the report may be viewed on .pdf

VIII Dr.Ravichandran’s appeal to Ms.Vijayasree Voora:

Dear Viji:

How are you doing? How is Aditya? Hope both are well. We both must stop what we are doing for the sake of Aditya. I will stop all legal and public proceedings against you. I request that you stop running from place to place so I can see Aditya. This is an earnest appeal to you. Consider the life of Aditya without both parents. Not a good prospect. As mature adults we should stop any of our problems interfere with Aditya’s future. I will do whatever is needed to make sure you and I have full access to Aditya and raise him child we could be proud of.

Viji, please let me know your terms of resettlement if any through your local advocate and let purely human in nature and without any prejudice.

So please call me 0 97043 62000 ASAP. – Ravi or call CRISP through your advocate or wellwishers. CRISP Number is 09845264488.

IX Letter from Father to the Son.Aditya

My Dear Aditya:

How are you doing? I missed you very much on your birthday. Now it is more than a year that I didn’t see you.

Chinna Kanna, are you going to school? I have been trying to locate you and mommy but not successful. It is very difficult as you are being moved around very much.

Kannu kutti, do not worry. I will find you soon, and everything will be alright. Do the best you can till then. Just hang in there dear.

Last time I saw you, you were little thin. But now people are telling me you are thinner and taller. I heard that you are behaving more like a 9-10 year old boy and not as 5-6 year old. Do you know who told me? Those nice hotel staff you talked to at various hotels you stayed in the last few months. You seem to be more mature for your age.

Well, let us make sure you need not grow up as fast as you are being forced to age like this and not enjoy your childhood. May be you don’t understand what Appa is saying. It’s OK. Just give me a call at 0 97015 30007. I will come to pick you up, and life will be alright.

Cheers – Appa.

X Request to Indian media to support the cause in saving his child from the unfortunate condition of not having access with father and not being sent to school.

Crisp appeals to the media friends to circulate the news throughout the country in order to rescue Aditya and restore normalcy in his life & also we appeal to Mrs.Vijayasree Voora to contact us for a peaceful settlement in the best interest of the child and withdraw all cases and complaints.

Dr.Ravichandran Kumar V Jahgirdar
(Father & Natural Guardian of Aditya) President CRISP

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