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Press Release for Father’s Day Rally by CRISP PDF Print E-mail
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Written by CRISP   

Press Release for Father’s Day Rally by CRISP


CRISP is an NGO dedicated to the cause of Child Rights and Shared Parenting since 2008. This organization is run by people who recognize the serious effects of Parental Alienation of children due to single parent families on account of divorce or separation. CRISP is committed to fight against alienation of children from their parent(s) in the ever increasing divorce/ separation rates, which is due to current loosely drafted family law which stands against to the customary and cultural values of our society.  CRISP also focuses on furthering the rights of children to remain connected with both biological parents. We are a pro-family and a pro-life organization, our aims, objectives and goals based on research findings are to promote family harmony in our society. We are a large group of people from all walks of life, like software engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen, and social workers etc, to address this burning issue in our society.

CRISP has organized National Father’s Day Rally on Saturday, the 16th June, 2012 between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM at TOWN HALL STEPS, JC ROAD, Bangalore, to DEMAND FAMILY LAW REFORMS, highlight the grievances of fathers who are deprived of access to their children and children to their fathers which is due to gender biased laws thereby culminating in to a serious human rights violations. This protest dharna is on behalf of our children, who are voiceless victims & to protect their rights to be connected to both biological parents. It is unfortunate that the laws meant for the welfare of the citizens have fallen short of sight in the 21st century and has changed the ideology of matrimonial life once defined as a relationship bonded by love, affection and trust to an affair of economics.

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to honor the contribution of ‘Fathers’, as an expression of love and tribute to the Fathers by their children. It is needless to say the present day fathers are actively involved in parenting their kids in the physical, mental and emotional welfare and upbringing of the child. In the changed scenario of our family system, especially in cities the role of the father is paramount and must be recognized equally along with the Mother.

Divorce rates are unfortunately going up substantially (over 30% and increasing) year on year, especially in educated & urban class people. There are more than 20,000 cases in the Family Courts of Bangalore alone, pending disposal and lakhs of cases still pending in various cities in our country. CRISP is concerned with the growing custody battles between the parents and the ill effects on the children due to their parent’s separation. We speak for the rights of the innocent impacted Children who are deprived of the love and affection of both their natural parents.

Children deserve the love and affection of both biological parents (father and mother) irrespective of their parent’s matrimonial status at any point of time.

The anti-father mindset is not valid, but still persists in our archaic and cruel systems. Typically in divorce and separation cases, one of the parents, out of revenge against the other parent deprives the child of the love, affection and care of the other parent. This is one of the worst forms of child abuse, as the children suffer the consequences of permanent psychological damage from resulting disorders like Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and Reactive Associative Disorders that warp a child’s overall development. Studies have shown that there is a tendency for such children to become criminals in their later years, for which the society and our system are directly responsible. Please see CRISP website for more details.

Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), demands the following immediate Family Law reforms:

1.    Grant immediate and equal (child) access to both the separated parents. To legislate laws and make co-parenting mandatory within 30 days from the date of filing the case in the welfare of the child.


2.    All child custody cases should be disposed off after trial within 6 months of application in these courts in the best interest of children and speedy justice.


3.    CRISP urges a separate Union Ministry for Children and to de-link the same from the present Women and Child Development ministry, since their objectives are different and child rights are being ignored.



4.    Punish people who misuse laws with false allegations, particularly 498A (Dowry Act) and Domestic Violence Act as a tool to deprive the child of the access to its father & his family members.


5.    Ban child interviews when the children are of tender age in a hostile environment as it is found that one parent usually brainwashes the mind of the child against the non-custodial parent which is another form child abuse.  


6.    Custodian Parents who intentionally and consistently violate the court orders of child visitation should be declared unfit to be a guardian and custody should be given to the other parent. Do not restrict child and father relationship to court premises and shame the relationship of father and child by calling it as child visitation right


7.    It should be mandatory that documents pertaining to child welfare like passport, School admission forms, Bank accounts should be always with the consent and signature of both biological parents and the child surname should not be changed after divorce and the Outrageous demand from women centric centre of mother’s name as the sole guardian should be strongly denounced and rejected in the child interest.


8.    Supreme Court should define what welfare of Child is and lay guidelines to avoid utter confusion prevailing in the family court.


9.    Due consideration should be given to both sets of grandparents to have equal access to their grandchild to shower love and affection and to spend quality time with them since these elderly citizens deserve to be honoured for their sacrifices for their respective families.


CRISP’s Achievements 

1.    CRISP was invited by the parliament recently where we presented our recommendations on issues pertaining to child rights welfare on account of irretrievable breakdown of marriages.

2.    Educated the system about the concept of SHARED PARENTING and its advantages in various part of the country through seminars and workshops.

3.    More then 10,000 members across the globe and growing.

4.    Weekly meetings successfully launched various centers in the country to give mutual support in counseling and legal awareness.

5.    National Commission for Protection Child Rights (NCPCR) a Government of India undertaking has appreciated CRISP for educating the society and legal fraternity on the significance of Shared Parenting

6.    Launched website: where average visitor rate exceeding more than 1000 on a day to day basis & victims make use of the knowledge and information posted on the web-site which is the first of its kind in the country pertaining to child custody matters.

7.    Even mothers who have been deprived of child custody are members of CRISP and working for its goals of Joint custody and Shared Parenting.

8.    We have successfully prevented many suicide attempts of deprived parents by counselling from our NGO experts & got them the child visitation rights.

9.    CRISP has made representations to Chief Justice of India, WCD Ministry and law commission signed by over 700 people requesting shared parenting among others and awaiting suitable action from the concerned authorities.

As per the research done by the multiple organizations across the globe, it reveals shocking information that children deprived of their Father’s care are:

Ø times more likely to commit suicide

Ø 9 times more likely to dropout of high school

Ø 14 times more likely to end up as Rapist

Ø 20 times more likely to end up in Prison or  become drug addicted

Ø 32 times more likely to runaway from home.


There is no doubt that fathers’ involvement in child care cannot be substituted by anybody in the world. “Father is better than hundred teachers!” Joint custody and SHARED PARENTING are the BEST SOLUTIONS in divorce and parental separation.

Even though children constitute about 40% of country’s population, they are voiceless victims thus to create public awareness on this highly sensitive subject and human rights issue, We appeal & invite our media friends to kindly grace this occasion and rededicate ourselves to save the children from fatherless-ness and save their childhood & ensure their happiness since they are the future assets of our nation & media plays very important role in educating the citizens and various social organizations in this very sensitive subject.


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