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Techie accused of kidnap bid on child gets instant bail PDF Print E-mail
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Written by S Shyam Prasad   

Though mother-in-law filed a complaint, experts say it is not a crime for a father to meet his child

Shivakumara Arehalli, a techie, who was accused of trying to kidnap a two-year-old child from the City Railway station, surrendered before a city magistrate’s court on November 22. But it turned out that the child in question was his and the complainant his mother-in-law. The court immediately granted him bail.

A family court advocate said, “As per the Guardians and Wards Act, the father is the natural guardian of minor children. A case of kidnapping his own child does not arise unless there is a restraining order under the Domestic Violence Act. Otherwise, it is no crime for the father to meet his children.”

The complaint
Even the Railway police was on the lookout for Shivakumara since the incident took place at the City Railway Station.

According to the complaint filed with the Railway police, Shivakumara had tried to snatch the child on November 5 and intimidated his mother-in-law. According to Shivakumara’s counsel in court, his being at the station at the same time was a coincidence.

He had gone there to pick up his parents who were coming from Shimoga when he saw his mother-in-law was travelling in the same train with the child. When Shivakumara saw them, he bought chocolates and tried to hold the child since there had been no contact between them for over a year.

The past
Shivakumara married in 2008 and has a two-year-old child. A few months after the birth of the child, it was taken away by his wife’s parents.

Shivakumara and his wife have been staying separately after she lodged a complaint of cruelty under Section 498(A) of IPC earlier this year. But he had got anticipatory bail when she started sending him emails accusing him of demanding dowry. They were living in the same house then.

His wife also filed a complaint against Shivakumara’s parents and five sisters as well. But they got anticipatory bail in March this year.

A series of counselling sessions, including by the swamiji of a famous math, failed to reconcile the couple.

Strange and stranger

His mother-in-law’s complaint against him is not the only peculiar one against Shivakumara. His wife filed a case, seeking that he pay the EMI for a loan with which they had jointly purchased a house. However, only his wife stays in that house now.

Even his mother filed a complaint against him at HSR Layout police station saying he was not helping her though his wife was beating her.

Yet another complaint was filed by locals at the same police station on the nuisance the quarrelling couple created. Police rejected his complaint that his wife was always biting and scratching him, causing bodily harm.


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